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yesterday my friends threw a surprise going away party and i totally did not expect it. it was very nice.

slept in today and just hung out. i don't feel like going out much and i'm a little sleepy so... yeah. maybe i'll go out with my cousins later, but friends-wise, i need a bit of a breaky-break.

the meme at condemnations has also kind of ruined my brain capacity for today anyways.

also went to cvs with nicole yesterday because she had to get new foundation, and they had a buy-one-get-one deal for the maybelline products so i got the weird matte mousse thing. it is so weird, you guys. i use a sponge to apply it, and it's like... liquid-ish until i put it on my skin, when it goes on like a powder... i don't know. i usually use my benefit powder foundation but money's tight and i don't have like, a random thirty dollars to spend on foundation all the time. this was 1) free and 2) blends in with my skin pretty well so it works. 8)
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ffvii ❦ aerith.

friend's cut.

friend's cut.

Basically, you were removed because I had no idea who you were or how we knew each other. I might have removed someone by mistake, so if you feel this is you, TELL ME NOW PLEASE.

If you want to be friends still (I SINCERELY DOUBT), just leave me a message here. >: